Advertising is a dynamic business. Media forms are changing, but the basics stay the same; you always need a good creative idea. Most visuals presented here derive from campaign concepts. Some where implemented into a media mix, others where just ads or outdoor.

There are adaptations from tv spots, some of the more recent ones transformed into digital campaigns. The main intention is to show the basic idea of a campaign, not the executions into different media. Part of the projects have an extended description in ‘Cases’.

The Early Years 1993 - 2000

Vichy. Still one of my favourites today.

Published internationally in 2001.

I worked on both the Citroën as on the Peugeot account, but never simultaneously. Series of ads for the Citroën Picasso launch.

And these are some on the ones I made after switching from the Citroën to the Peugeot team.

Interchemall - Pasja. Adaptation of the tv spots - Cakes made with Pasja flour are so good, they're already eaten before you can show them to anyone. For this client at Euro RSCG I also did the packaging.

Billboard campaign for Ikea. The largest branch in Poland was about to open, and the client wanted a campaign 'noticeable and attractive to families with children'. Hence the animals.


The ads for Martini-Bacardi and UDV-Smirnoff are from an era when it was still allowed to advertise spirits. Without context and in small size the Martini ones are difficult to understand: the client wanted to have a different campaign from the Italian one, which they considered 'too sexy' for a large part of their target group. They preferred something 'more intellectually challenging'. In addition, they wanted to stress that you should always drink Martini with ice. So the idea in these ads is, that although Martini without ice is still great, there is something missing. The guard without the bearskin hat, lady liberty without torch and tablet, David without genitals. The ads for UDV-Smirnoff speak for itself. A pure image campaign.


Ad for PKO / Credit Suisse investment funds 'for the common man'. Described in Cases.


A few samples to show the impact of the award winning Simplus 're-launch'. This campaign is described in Cases.


The press-ads from the Przyjaciolka BtB campaign. Very well known throughout the 1990's and winner of several awards. This campaign is described in Cases. Even in 2009 someone asked me, if I was the naked guy with the barrel!


a New Millennium 2000 - 2015

Part of the National Bank of Poland campaign to encourage people to exchange their old denominations for new ones - with four zeros less.


Vidaron wood protection products claimed to possess 'Scandinavian technology & quality'. How to communicate this to potential clients in an easy way?

Out of the water - into the can. Ad to 'prove' that Universal Pesca's canned fish is being processed so quickly, that it is practically as good as freshly caught.

Yet another variant to 'whiter than white'. Washing powder advertising does not necessarily have to be boring!

Although I admit having created ads for cigarettes, coming up with an anti-smoke campaign is far more easy and far more fun. A different angle - why scaring people with death and disease, when you can show them smoking makes you unattractive? If not instantly, then for sure in the years to come. Campaign specifically targeted at women 15-35, in the Netherlands. The one with Amy Whitehouse, then still alive, was obviously for presentation purposes only and not published.

Some more done for the dutch market - ads for an advertising agency. The texts are too specifically dutch (use of proverbs) but the message is clear: in times of economic hardship, there is no need to tear up your dreams (left). Vwm Topiq will tape them together. Your business shirt got wrinkled? Vwm Topiq, the flat-iron, is at your disposal.

Ad for Johnson & Johnson's Neutrogena - '3x more moisturizing'

No perfumes here, nor fashion. This is an ad for Androvit vitamin supplements, vitamins 'specially for men'. Aimed at wives, they were supposed to buy them for their husbands in order to make them look healthy like this guy.

Part of the re-branding campaign 'Your home deserves Gerlach', a traditional polish company mainly known for its utensils. Well known, but not as an 'exclusive' brand, the new owners wanted to change that, and become more like Rosenthal. The solution: show Gerlach products in a really beautiful way and make them desirable.

Part of the Energa 'Innovation' campaign, aiming mainly at students and young scientist, in order to get them to submit new innovative ideas to this energy company.


On the left a general visual ('The natural direction of development'), above a brochure that revealed a hidden message through the use of thermo-ink, on the right an ad that had to be held against bright light, in order to see the rest of the visual and text.

This campaign is described in Cases.

Billboard for Weber (Saint-Gobain) construction materials, with a new key visual 'one for all' replacing their previous 'smiling construction worker with thumbs-up'.

Visual translation of the tv spot 'Dreams come true' for Itaka travel agency. The spot featured people daydreaming about holidays, the 'holiday' picture becoming part of the screen and then absorbing the whole situation.

Visually maybe not so spectacular, on the other hand very effective: the Link4 car insurance launch campaign. The text reads 'Phone and check how much you will save on your car insurance'.

Described in Cases.

A campaign for Union Investment featured bees as busy stockbrokers and honey representing 'sweet profits'. Described in Cases.

The ultimate toothpaste for whiter teath. Finally everybody can show a full smile.

Image campaign for PGNiG gas supplier. The text on the top talks about 'This matters to us:' followed by a complicated story, the text getting more unreadable every next line, since they are technical details that are only of worry to the supplier. Text above the flame / thermostat says: 'This matters to you'.

These are the folder versions of the citylights / posters for Meritum bank. The 'What's on your mind' series top left, the Sumo wrestler for 'Big & Fast' business loans top right, bottom left 'Target Credit' for respectively domestic appliances, motorization and home decoration. Bottom right small credits with a 2% lower interest rate.

Tabasco suffered from 'unfair competition' - similar looking, much worse tasting but cheaper chili sauces. Solution: show people that imitation and look-a-likes are far, far away from the real thing.

This Russian IT company wanted to launch their brand on the Polish market, positioning themselves as 'the best of the best'. So we came up with the idea to present them as 'geniuses in IT solutions', hence the use of the names of well-known geniuses in other fields, with a slight 'IT' twist.

A government initiated social program to make workers aware that ignoring safety rules or drinking  during work may have serious consequences. I proposed a campaign with a funny twist and did not follow the 'tradition' of patronizing people or scaring them with pictures of real injuries. The headlines read respectively 'Safety is for women?', 'No work without beer?', 'Helmet messes up your hair-do?'

Billboard without words for instant soup. The client suggested in the briefing that we should focus on 'high quality ingredients' and that their product 'tastes nearly as good as grandma's soup' - which is highly non-credible, especially to their target group of mainly students and young people living in big cities. As they mentioned it 'people with little time to go out eating or prepare dinner'. Instead, I convinced them it was better to focus on speed and strong exposition of the (then relatively unknown) brand name and package.

Preservatives are always fun to advertise.

Magazines read by teenage girls are saturated with anti-acne ads, so how to stand out? The awful looking ad on the left was followed by the one on the right on a consecutive page.

Eurolot was Jero Lenssinck Advertising & Design's biggest client in 2013 - 2014. Except for international BTL and ATL campaigns, we also did PR, websites and activities on social media. Described in Cases.

Palmolive - Cares about your hands

Optysil - professional agricultural growth stimulator

Three ad / citylight series for Empik, the largest language school and - according to their own saying - the most effective in Poland: a general one 'We can teach anyone', 'I did Empik' which focuses on career success, and 'More than' - stressing the fact that they also teach more you about the country of which you want to speak the language, thus a student can potentially become even more Spanish than the Spanish or more English than the English.

When creating an ad for a design company, a nice design is most important.

This layout is called 'Airplane' and not made by me, but by my son Gotard, age 2.