'I see I see what you don't see' Peugeot / Citroën N E X T C A S E

Working for Euro RSCG on the Citroën account meant, that my team was not supposed to see the work of the Peugeot team. Although both car brands were part of  Groupe PSA, and both cars were advertised by Euro RSCG - the client did not allow the respective teams to have any contact with each other. Both brands were to be treated as completely separate.


Which, in theory, makes a lot of sense if not for the fact, that they were also manufacturing near identical cars like the Peugeot Partner vs. the Citroën Berlingo.

It went all  well until one day two very similar campaigns rolled out for the Berlingo and Partner models. The client suggested that the Peugeot and Citroën creative teams must have been working together, which does not make much sense, because in that case it would have been just to make sure the proposed campaigns would not be looking the same!

In reply to the agency's question, why the client did not react to the similar propositions in an earlier stage of the creative process, they told us that ... their Peugeot and Citroën marketing managers did not have contact, so they didn't know about each others planned campaigns.


I worked on both accounts, but obviously not simultaneously.


These particular ads shown above were made on the occasion of the introduction of the Picasso line. The creative brief had clear terms:

Show the beauty of this new car - the model was pretty amazing at the time. Secondly, give the ads an international allure - this probably had to do with the Polish Citroën marketing team wanting to show off in France. And last but not least, there had to be a strong connection between art / Picasso and the car.


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