Trying to avoid creating too many subpages in my wireframe, I have put all other design disciplines - besides logos and packaging - down here. There are samples of regular graphic, corporate, book, UI/UX designs, but also ‘industrial’ designs, like exteriors and interiors of airplanes and trains. Some of the projects have a full description in ‘Cases’.

Part of the 'image' campaign for Przewozy Regionalne Polish Railways.


Old trains were renovated, and despite many technical and financial restrictions, the new look was a big success.

This particular train on the left got nicknamed 'The Tiger' by the public.

This project is described in cases.

Design for Eurolot's cross-promotion with Mike Tyson's energy drink label 'Black'

Design for Air Holland / Tulip Air. An airline with only two planes, but then again two good looking planes. This project is described in cases.

Main problem with this project for a courier service was to create a logo that would look good on either side of a Fiat 500.

BreBank had big plans in both expanding and getting rid of their image of being stiff and old-fashioned. Their longtime used darkblue colour had to be integrated in the new corporate identity.

This project is described in cases.

Before starting the campaign for Link4 car insurance, first the corporate identity had to be changed. Sometimes there is no use in doing whatever advertising for a service, if the basics are not in order and the product presents itself wrongly through a bad look and feel. Bad logo, packaging or typography can leave a product without the slightest chance of success. Based on my logo, the CI manual was done in cooperation with Enterprise IG, London.

This project is described in cases.

Same deal with mobile phone operator Simplus. The launch of the product was a big failure partly because of lack of a decent housestyle.

Before starting work on a campaign that practically was a relaunch, I had to propose something that would make the brand finally sell. This consistent colour code of orange and green, together with the 'La Linea' character, did the job. This project is described in cases.

Webpage samples:

Five-star hotel

Eurolot frontpage & user interface. This project is described in cases.

Part of he two webpages for Jero Lenssinck Communication (above left) and Advertising & Design (left)







Art & Graphics

Polish National Parks - website & blog

Aflofarm (Sesja) Facebook fanpage

Although I did quite a few designs for the web, including UX-UI, I am not a specialized web-designer and therefore  have no separate section for such design. In most cases I designed just the UI, frontpage and a few subpages. Above and below some samples of frontpages I liked best.

My father is sculptor & designer Willem Lenssinck, so obviously I did some work for him too. This is his monograph,  on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

I spent a large part of 2016-2017 completing the publication of the Lenssinck family genealogy.

This project is described in cases.

Annual Reports - always a lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of complications.

Poster for an event sponsored by Euro RSCG where I worked at that time

4+1 flyer for a 'new in town'

advertising agency

Brochure for developer SBC / Hines

Not many layouts survived from the time Reuters was my client in 1995-1996, but these did and I think it is still worth showing them, not in the last place out of respect for this most wonderful and most understanding client.

'Collectors' phone cards for Simplus

mobile phone operator

CD cover design for Nigel Kennedy / EMI Classics.

This project is described in cases.

Some of the ads done for LSD, Willem Lenssinck's furniture  design brand. I felt they were more appropriate here then in the advertising section.

Designs for Chopin Airport, Warsaw.