Quite some packaging projects have crossed my path over the years, and they have taught me that it is very difficult to create good packaging with a bad logo. Some of the shown projects here I could not have done without convincing the client of the necessity to change the logo first. Shown designs have been done between 1995 - now. Part of these projects are described in 'Cases'.

Chocolate christmas gift-box design

Car fluids line - a total of 18 packages. This project is described in cases.

'Make it traditional, but modern' -

Cape region wine label design.

Processed fruit & vegetables. The task here was to convince a deeply conservative client to packaging with traditional feeling, but with a modern clear label.

‚ÄčThis project is described in cases.

Cleaning products. This project is described in cases.

Galanea 'all natural' cosmetics

A project from an era without smartphones, 'starterset' including phone.

Designing cigar packaging is very specific, least of all because of the obligatory, giant warning stickers, that tell you you will die if you consume them ...

Packaging for the Wedgwood 'affordable' subbrand 'Everyday'.

Ambio hand-creme, a drugstores chain's home brand, which should sell itself 'from the shelf' without any advertising support.

The client required a 'very basic yet elegant design'

Series of packaging for instant salad sauce

Non-carbonated energy drink

Insect repellent

Mayonnaise label face-lift. This project is described in cases.

Subscription free phone card

Flour packaging from 1999, still selling in 2017 without any change.

Speaking of oldies, these are the first packaging designs I ever made, back in 1995. They were used in Romania until 2008.

Beer label for the Slovakian market

1995 design for Zwoinski snacks.

Coffee line

Wood stain series

Project for the Dutch market: organic food. Differentiation of the products is not so much in the pack / typography as it is in the edge of the logo! This project is described in cases.


Project for the Dutch market: fresh milk in cans