'To find a Sumo Wrestler' Meritum Bank

Meritum Bank is an open minded client who favoured original ideas, that draw attention, over the regular 'shiny happy people' or standard 'businessmen shaking hands' visuals, used by many of their competitors.


A campaign like the one here on the top left 'What's on your mind' is - graphically - very easy to do. License free stock material in an uncomplicated photoshop montage.


However, I am opposed to limiting ideas for the reason of limited resources. For example, a client does not want to pay for license managed pictures, so creative ideas are restricted to - most of the time - inferior quality photomaterial from cheap stock.

This problem frequently appears nowadays, but not in the case of Meritum Bank.


For the campaign of their 'Big & Fast' business loans, I proposed a Sumo wrestler about to run the 100 meters. Then it turned out, the initial chosen base picture was an editorial one, not to be used in commercial ads ... and no other suitable material was available on any other stockphoto site, be it license free or rights managed.


In the end, we had to put the wrestler together from a million different parts, it took many days to photoshop this guy. My point being:

There is always a way. Don't let your creativity be restricted


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