A bottle

from the old

design line


Quentus is a brand with aspirations, and claimed to supply premium products. This was, however, not reflected in their packaging nor in their logo. They rather gave a very cheap, bottom-shelf impression.


They were aware of the problem and ordered a new line of packaging to be designed.

Half of the work was done by choosing modern and dynamic bottles, the labels in 'high-tech' style with  blueprint-like illustrations in the background.


In contrary to competing products, I opted for a crisp design without too many distracting elements. Many of these kind of product packages are difficult to navigate and the identification is obstructed - it is for instance too often easy to mix up 10w40 and 5w30 motor oil, or you could mistake cooling fluid for window cleaner. My Quentus bottles have a simple colour code, and the labels have a clear hierarchy when it comes to reading the package: product type, logo, specification.


Every product line has its own background colour, and each product within a type, like motor oil, has its own colour for the product specification (5w30, 10w40 etc.). Because of lack of disturbing elements on the label, these colours are easy to spot and the whole product therefore is easily identified.


The logo was redesigned and enlarged on the labels - previously the logo was very small and the name repeated under the logo in a bigger font. Despite having the name twice on the old packs, there was a total absence of decent branding. There were 5 product lines and 18 packages in total.




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