Human Capital / Kapital Ludzki is a European Union funded social development program.


The province of Silesia organized a pitch for four tv spots for the same program, but with different themes:

1) Reintegration to the labour market

2) Additional schooling / retraining

3) Equal chances in education

4) Assistance when opening your own business


For these four rather different themes I had to find a way to show a clear message in a visually consistent way.

The solution the client accepted was the one which showed 'obstacles', 'potential problems', 'blockades', in a symbolic way: little creatures dressed completely in black. They would harass and complicate the life of the actors who represented the people from the target groups in the spots.

To the rescue would then come little blue creatures, all dressed in blue with yellow stars on their suits - the 'EU funds'. They would dislodge the 'evil' creatures and help and guide the freshly freed subjects.









I proposed children to play the little creatures, however the director of the spots disagreed, arguing that children are particularly difficult and unpredictable when they have to act. He suggested midgets would do a far better job. However, it turned out impossible to find twelve midget actors.

In the end we had seven midgets, two of whom had to come from abroad. Since we needed at least ten 'little creatures', three of them were played by a child.


'The EU & the Seven Dwarfs' Human Capital, Silesia

Screens from 2 of the 4 tv spots for the Human Capital campaign in Silesia, 2009


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