The A5 brochure that  no one was supposed to throw away. Below the 'Instruction Manual' for the Brainsucker 3000.

'A folder no one throws away' Energa

Energy supplier Energa wanted to start a - mainly DM - campaign to get new innovative ideas from bright young people. These potential people with potential ideas had to be reached somehow, and the client was worried that whatever material we handed to them, it would - being 'direct mail' - mostly land in the dustbin. Part of the briefing was, to come up with material 'no one will throw away'.


Of course such a project would require a slightly higher budget than for an average DM campaign, but on the other hand, it would be more effective.

We designed a folder with special thermo-ink on the cover: initially it showed a closed labyrinth, but after putting your hand on it for a few seconds, the magic ink 'disappeared' and a message revealed itself.


It addition to that, mysterious large boxes containing a weird device called 'Brainsucker 3000' were sent to selected technology parks.

In the box you would find an instruction manual for the Brainsucker, and the device - a kind of helmet with a wire and a pendrive, inspired by the nutty professor from 'Back to the Future'.


Putting on the Brainsucker and connecting it to a computer, would then 'suck ideas out of your brain and transfer them directly to Energa'. Of course the pendrive contained links to a landing page and a few other surprises. In support of the campaign, a special website was created with 'crazy inventions' as a lead motive, inspired on the movie 'Gizmodo'.


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