above: the old Bre Bank logo compared to a generic Chinese restaurant logo.


The Bre Bank logo was difficult to distinguish from the logo of a generic Chinese restaurant. A coherent corporate identity was virtually non-existant.


The logo looked like designed in communist times - because it was - and dated no doubt from an era in which anything related to the world of finance had to be dark blue, 'because it is a serious and trustworthy colour'.


Alas, dark blue did not save Bre's perception as being stiff and old fashioned, especially with the wildest new bank corporate identity designs popping up all over the world, a trend started in Spain in the early 1990's.


Since BRE had big plans of moving towards becoming a popular retail bank, the whole identity needed a drastic makeover.

This assignment to create a new corporate identity was initiated by Bre's shareholder Commerzbank and prepared in strict secrecy.

The colour blue remained obligatory, however they agreed to a different shade and additional colours to make the whole more fresh, modern and characteristic.



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