LSD is a Dutch company that sells handmade design furniture. In the press ads for LSD, visual impressions are more important than information, that can be found on their website.


Since all furniture is handmade and produced upon individual orders, it is rather a niche product because of the high cost price. The whole operation therefore is small scale, and the advertising budget limited.


Once in a while I got to design large, full page ads for the Financieel Dagblad magazine. These ads appeared on the back page of the magazine, which is an expensive place where normally you would find ads for very large companies.

When I informed, how they could afford such expensive advertising space, they told me they got a 90% discount offer now and then, when no one reserved that page or when an advertiser canceled a reservation.

The reason for these discounts was, that Financieel Dagblad liked the look of the ads so much, they wanted an LSD ad on the back in such case, even then that meant giving away that space practically for free. I was flattered!



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