Two of the pickle products - new versus old line.

The high quality of the products was not reflected in the original designs. The logo was too small and basically every product had a different label and most of the time an unattractive jar.


Pszczółka is a relatively small company that produces high quality processed fruits and vegetables in an old fashioned, traditional way.


They have a structure inherited from communist times - with a kind of company democracy were all workers have a saying. Which, in effect, blocks any progress because they hardly ever reach an agreement when it comes to proposed changes.


They sold their products mostly without brand or label - just clean jars on which mostly foreign supermarkets would put their own labels. Sales of products under the 'Pszczółka' brand were on a very low level, because of the dramatic designs of both logo and labels; Polish supermarket chains simply refused to sell it because of this reason. The quality of their products and the packaging said two completely different things.


A newly appointed director wanted to change this and ordered a make-over of the logo and new labels, but then they could not agree among themselves on whether or not to change the ugly jars they used. These jars would not fit to the new designs, nor could they decide on which of the proposed new designs to pick. What was supposed to be a job ready within a few weeks, took them more than half a year.


Pszczółka is very traditional and they wanted that to show on the packaging. They did not want the concept of their logo changed, so I used the same elements and made a very traditional logo out of it. For the packaging itself however, I proposed a solution that would be showing a feeling of tradition, but in a modern way; transparent labels, not the previously used paper ones.


Pszczółka (The Bee)

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