The CD and DVD covers and booklets for this EMI project was kind of a fun thing to do. Nigel Kennedy messed up the regular EMI standards and was given near complete freedom when orchestrating these designs. The finished proposal for the design was to be confirmed in first line by Nigel Kennedy, not EMI.


Nigel supplied us with some private pictures and a key-hanger with the logo of his favourite soccer team. He wanted this item together with a smoking joint and an ashtray on the back of the covers. He did not supply us with a joint, so we tried to fake one with regular tobacco and then light it in order to make a picture of it. But there was little smoke coming of our fake joint and it did not look good on the photographs, so we improvised wit lighting a candle in front of a black blanket, then blowing it out - a blown out candle gives a lot of nice smoke whirls - which gave us material good enough to make a photo composite. So the 'joint' on this EMI recording is neither a joint, nor is it smoking ...


Nigel Kennedy wanted  a smoking joint on the back of his CD and DVD cover. EMI agreed, but left their logo of the cover in the final version.


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