above: these home cleaning products are from one and the same company, somewhere on the way - adding more and more variants - they totally lost control over their brand coherency.

Sidolux is a known Polish brand that started out as a product for interior wooden furniture and floor care. They kept expanding their range of cleaning products, not taking care of their brand identity, as shown in the picture on top.

The two spray bottles on the far top right are from a line where an attempt was made to unify the range. However, instead of creating a unique style of their own, they tried too hard to match the look of competing products from larger multinationals. They observed the competitors having very dynamic and more modern packaging, and added additional slogans, icons and whatever  they thought would make their packaging less static and more like Cillit Bang, Ajax, Cif, Mr. Muscle and so on.


Now all these other brands have logo's that are italic, in motion, dynamic, and Sidolux has a static logo that looks sterile. And that is exactly the reason why I suggested to do not try to imitate other brands, but to be yourself. To turn having such a static logo into an advantage, I proposed to treat it as what it looks like - a medicine. The logo could not be touched anyway.

Sidolux as a professional cure to whatever cleaning problem you have in your house, make that sterile - nearly medical - look part of a USP. I 'cleaned up' the packaging, made it more clear and readable, and compensated for the lack of dynamics in the logo area with a kind of swirl, surrounding it.

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