'Parenteel' genealogical project

The Parenteel Lenssinck-Bongenaar is a genealogical project that took nearly a year to complete. It is not so much about design, as it is about finding a solution to order and display the information about a 1000+ descendants in this family tree.  In such a way, as for people to be able to easily find their way in this 230-page work.


Early 2016 a distant uncle who had passed away left me a long list of names and a last wish. The list, descendants of J.H. Lenssinck (1745-1824) was to be published. But the files were not only incomplete, they were extensive text files; impossible to navigate. Few illustrations, old photos, were available to make the publication interesting.


I decided to use only the data from the near complete generations, 8 in total.  I split up the different branches of the family at the 3rd generation and gave each a colour - magenta, yellow, cyan. Then I tried to fit 3 generations on two oblong pages. Having 3 generations together was important in order not to loose the overview.


Key generation was generation 5, the one of my great-grandfather. This generation lived roughly between 1860-1950 which meant that most of them had their picture taken. The challenge was to find pictures of all members of this generation.


The book can be viewed in PDF format here.



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