Campaigns were launched in most of the destination countries. We also took care of all social media activity and promotions.


'Horrible Bosses' Eurolot

Eurolot being the biggest client of Jero Lenssinck Advertising & Design, also gave us the biggest headache.


They had a wonderful product for which we turned the USP into a potentially powerful strategy. The Eurolot marketing team was great to work with, if not for ... the managing director. This person, who ultimately led Eurolot into bankruptcy, blocked an sabotaged every possible improvement, any attempt to transform the airline into a commercial success. He probably was the inspiration for Kevin Spacey in the movie 'Horrible Bosses' - besides general manager he took on the position of marketing director as well.


He blocked our attempt to renew the badly functioning website. He rejected whatever strategy. Strategically, we wanted to position Eurolot in between regular and low-budget airlines. With better service than budget airlines, and lower prices than regular airlines, there was a perfect niche.

A short lived policy to let children up to 12 fly for free, which led to twice as many passengers and made Eurolot the most family friendly airline, was terminated.








Special offers, communicated through our social media specialists, which on one occasion led to a 1050% increase in sales, were terminated. The last few months of its existence as an independent airline, before going bust, Eurolot planes where flying practically empty.



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