Kielecki is considered to be the best mayonnaise by many of the older Polish generation.


But while Kielecki got more and more competition, and competitors kept improving the presentation of their mayonnaise, Społem - the producer - just launched many other kinds of mayonnaise, sauces and mustards.

But by giving each product a completely different look, inconsistent with their flagship product Majonez Kielecki, they failed to build the brand. The main ID 'Kielecki' is not even used on all products. In addition they failed to update the look of the main 'majonez' product, it got stuck with an early 1990's design even deeply into the 2010's.


In consequence, sales went down, partly because not all supermarket chains wanted to continue selling it. On request of the marketing director, who briefed us on the widespread conservatism among Społem decision makers (basically the whole firm), we created a new label that was better than, but very similar to the original label.



On first sight the differences between the old and the new design are hard to distinguish. And that was exactly in line with the creative brief.


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