Above: some of the press ads from the campaign and a

screen from one of the tv spots, featuring flowers and bees. These spots were the only ones ever, where I did both script and direction.

'Bee-zee stockbrokers' Union Investment

Although Union Investment is a well known investment giant in Germany, in Poland it was not. German headquarters tried to force the polish branch to adapt their advertising style, with lots of standard images of smiling businessmen in suits, shaking hands.


They were right when it comes to consistency of the brand, they were right in the respect that this image worked perfectly for an already established brand in their own country. But it did not work in Poland, and as a result Union Investment remained a relatively unknown and ignored company within the target group of potential investors. Even really well done tv spots, with a clear message and made with a sense of humour, did not bring the solution. They were just not bold enough to make any impression, they were not remembered and the timid colour grid and complicated name - at least for the polish market - were not helping either.


We could not touch the grid nor the name, but could propose something innovative, very different from the competition. Thus taking a risk, that the target group would dislike the campaign. The management of Union Investment decided to go ahead without any focus groups - bravo! The initial part of the campaign showed ... bees, as a metaphor for their busy, successful stockbrokers, with 'honey' as 'profit'.


Research just after releasing the campaign proved 72% of the target group liked the approach. We made an impact.

The campaign was unorthodox, trying a completely new form - at least in Poland - to advertise an investment fund. I can only praise the Union Investment management for there brave decision to go ahead with the campaign without doing focus-groups, and my thanks to the German headquarters to allow for the campaign, even though it was not 100% in line with corporate guides.

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