homepage design for the proposed website for 'Polskie Parki Narodowe', with new logo.


Polskie Parki Narodowy - the Polish National Parks - invited to a pitch for the design of a new housestyle, new logos for the institute as a whole and all separate parks, and an umbrella website.


These kind of special pitches  by government related institutions were organised in such a way - theoretically - as to avoid corruption. Their brief was, to say the least, peculiar. A maximum budget was set for way too many elements to be realised for that amount. Besides that, the brief already contained a 'sample logo' of how the new logos could potentially look.


We prepared a logo proposition plus a new look for the website, only to loose from another company that - surprise, surprise - made the 'sample logo'. Apart from the question if there maybe was something wrong with this pitch, it shows clearly why so many government related institutions in Poland use unprofessional designs and badly functioning websites.


The proposed logo was constructed from leafs, forming the shape of Poland. The blue leafs symbolise the distribution of the national parks all over the country.

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