Top: The largest megaboard in Poland. Above: screen of me appearing in one of the tv spots - naked.

The Link4 project was similar to the Simplus case, with the difference that the brand Link4 had to be built from scratch.


An additional complication was the policy sales concept of the company: over the phone, not by going to an agent somewhere in an office (the traditional Polish way in 2003). Link4 could offer its potential clients cheaper insurance, because of the lack of middlemen.


A pitch for this account was won by a convincing ‘repositioning of the insurance business’ idea. Instead of highlighting the USP of Link4 itself, it focused on the uselessness of middle-men: an insurance company that can’t sell you a policy over the phone is unnecessarily expensive – not to mention old-fashioned.


A strategy was written, in which the first few months  focused on letting people remember Link4: what do they do, what do they look like, what is their phone number. For this purpose, the client unfortunately had to get rid of their freshly, but badly, prepared corporate ID.

Similar to Simplus, a strong (orange-black) colour grid was proposed. The colour combination was rather aggressive, but this was compensated by a new logotype: a friendly and smiling hybrid phone / car - fresh, different and dynamic - that hands the viewer a phone receiver.

Integrated part of the logo (in the launch phase) was the phone number. The colour grid worked like a ‘tattoo on the viewers brain’, with as result an extremely fast rising brand awareness.


After six months, Link4 was way ahead of most competitors and came number three in terms of awareness, right after the two long established Polish insurance companies Warta and PZU.


Another task of the launch campaign, was to have as many people as possible call to Link4, for a policy, info or just a quote. The campaign and colour grid worked a bit too good: the Link4 call-centre could not cope with the amount of calls, and let 30% of all calls go unanswered…


A consistent look of the ads, and a clear message, made the brand impossible to forget: the cities where full of orange-black billboards, in every newspaper there were orange-black ads.

The, according to the client himself, 'impossible' goal of selling 75.000 policies within a few months was exceeded by a few thousand, which bore the agency a handsome success fee.


A second part of the strategy involved not only a next step in the campaign but also a change to the Corporate ID. Once well known, the ads would focus on friendliness, modernity, quality and service of Link4. For this purpose, the (my) Corporate ID was face-lifted by Enterprise IG London. The changes to the logo were marginal, the grid was ‘softened’ in order to make in less aggressive, the overall look became slightly more modern and friendly – with less usage of the colour black.


'Pick up the phone!' Link4 car insurance

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