One of the Ziołopex products before & after


Ziołopex, a herbs & spicer wholesaler, wanted to focus more on retail, and this required an overhaul of the existing identity and packaging.


At least, that was the opinion of the new marketing director and he was the one responsible for ordering new designs.

The retail sales did not go very well, and a look at the Vigora spice mix package for example, here on the right hand side, explains it all.

The package as a whole reminded of some kind of weed killer, with pale and unhealthy looking vegetables on the front. It did not give you the impression it would make your home cooked food more tasty - it rather gave the impression it would poison it.


When the whole line of new Corporate Identity - including packaging samples - was ready, we found out the marketing director had ordered it as a surprise to the founder of the company, who previously was not aware of such commission. The founder was more outraged than happy, stating that the old logo and packaging where perfectly fine and there was absolutely no need for any change.


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